• Outdated and non-unified platform that did not provide a personalized customer service experience.
  • Integrate new channels: web, chat, mail
  • Have real-time reports of these channels


Aura Communication Manager 6 Call Center Elite, the benchmark solution in contact centers worldwide. This solution allows an intelligent and selective targeting of resources, and also allows you to decide whether calls should reach the least busy agent, the first one that is available or to which has a specific profile that best fits the typology of the incoming call. Avaya Aura allows agents to achieve up to 100 different skills at the same time, without affecting the physical location of the agents.

To carry out this unification, TELLiT performed a merging, that is, a mix of both platforms in the new Aura platform, reusing part of the existing telephone infrastructure.


As for the IP terminals chosen, they have been those of the 1600 series (1608 and 1616), which combine the features of traditional phones and IP. For employees accustomed to traditional digital phones, these models offer a familiar user interface, including context-sensitive displays and default keys for conference, transfer and waiting. This optimizes productivity and facilitates the upgrade process. All models feature backlit displays, high-quality full-duplex speakers and dual LED buttons (red and green).


Avaya Aura is not limited to phone calls, but allows the customer to manage all their contacts also through email, chat, SMS, IM and social networks, in the same way they manage voice input and output interactions.

“The new functionalities provided by the solution are also showing in the productivity of our agents and supervisors. Now an agent can accept an email or SMS interaction while working on an online chat interaction. In addition, we are allowing our customer different entry routes, omniquality begins to be a reality for us”, explains the customer.

Customer satisfaction metrics also support the solution, as the customer explains, “we had complaints about contact times and call times. Today, these points are highly valued in the external quality audits that we perform on a regular basis”


Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services is a server-based software solution that provides an enhanced set of telephony APIs, Web service protocols, and direct access to IP media, and supports standards such as CSTA, JTAPI, and TSAPI. All of these services are integrated into a single, secure and scalable software application, with management, redundancy and fault tolerance capable of supporting business-critical needs. All this with a very intuitive control and management. “The management of the system is really simple, also at all times we have felt the support of our technology partner TELLiT”.