Our Partners and  professional allies.

In TELLiT we work with the telecoms leader manufactuers. The innovation and dynamism in this area requires work with first level partners that offers first class products and solutions adapted to the changing needs of the todays companies.

Avaya helping to the companies to create smart experiences that matter to your customer and employees. As leader in Contact Centers, UC and cloud as a manufacturing leader we know the fundamental role of communications for digital transformation.

Wildix, the first UC secure system in the cloud  accesible from www. The first fully webbased solution without software that works on any PC or MAC operating system and from anywhere that is backed by an Internet connection.

Xalient Global Alliance more than 150 partners in 147 countries with more than 5.000 global engineers that enable to operate and activate global solutions to be provided to companies of all sizes

Fujitsu is the leading japanise company in Technologhy Information and Comunication (TIC), with a wide products range and technologhy services. 

Walhalla Cloud is a virtual data center that offers all the features that the client would expect in a robust and complete cloud solution that allows addressing a wide range of use cases.

LCRcom was born as an operator within the framework of the liberalization of telecommunications in Spain with 100% Spanish capital. We offer from the first moment an alternative to the business model of the large telephone companies.

Founded in 1999, Tenda Technology is a leading provider of network devices and equipment. Tenda’s commitment is to provide easy-to-install solutions at an affordable price, offering innovative, state-of-the-art products to meet the needs of users.

WELLTEL is a company with an established team of communications technology experts, backed by a global network of reliable partners, who contribute to the national and international needs of our clients from offices in Ireland, THE UK and the USA.

Since 1888, JT’s purpose has been to connect our customers to their sustainable future. To do this, we form long-standing partnerships with leading communications companies to deliver the products and services expected of a world-class, full-service communications provider.

Specialists in analyzing, planning and managing the complete life cycle of telecommunications services, offering our clients Audit and Procurement services (preparation of RFC’s and PPT’s) until the recurrent verification of the adequacy of the benefits and service levels to the content of the corresponding contract.

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