Xalient Global Alliance está formada por 150 partners en 147 países con más de 5.000 ingenieros a nivel mundial lo que le permite proporcionar soluciones  globales a compañías de todos los tamaños. 


Los miembros de esta alianza son:

UK: Xalient

Francia: Coverage Commuication

Italia: Durante

España: Tellit

Irlanda: Eir

Alemania: WTG

Holanda: VIPcom



  • The Xalient Global Alliance was founded by Xalient and six leading resellers in Europe.
  • We operate as a group of well-established and accredited business partners that delivers unique benefits to multinational companies across the globe
  • This network of delivery partners enables our customers to access ‘best in class’ local resellers with the ease of centralised partner management from the Xalient Global Alliance member in country.
  • By agreeing consistent service standards, pricing and support, we can deliver agile, bespoke solutions to enterprises wherever they operate.

What does the Xalient Global Alliance offer?

We are able to offer our customers unique services in-country, in-region and globally:

  • One global strategy, contract and SLA – simplifying procurement processes and management
    • Central management team with local points of contact
    • Tailored service levels with different options by country or site
    • Centralised management of operations, purchasing and billing
    • Access to highly trained local engineers who work with your local contacts to build long-term relationships and knowledge
    • Competitive pricing, by leveraging global spend
    • Access to a huge base of spare parts, located in-country
    • Future- proof and optimise existing infrastructure

Our approach to global customers

    • We seek to understand our customers’ business as if they were our own, including the business’ strategy, priorities, people, processes and technology.
    • The actionable insight gained, enables us to bring ideas to the table and add real value to a customer’s operation.
    • We provide a structured audit at an early stage to understand the infrastructure in place and help inform decisions.
    • Our proven expertise in the global communications market is combined with our consultative approach, deep technical knowledge and vertical market experience.


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